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Taking Care of Your Jewellery

Updated: May 30, 2023

Simple ways to clean your jewellery at home to keep it in tip top condition.

Fine Jewelley

The best and easiest way to clean your sterling silver, gold and gold filled jewellery is with general washing up liquid; pop a little on an old tooth brush and rub lightly. This method even works well on claw set stones, gemstones and even suitable for use on Keepsake jewellery with glass or resin stones, just be very gentle around the stones and the settings. Pat dry with some kitchen roll and buff with a clen soft cloth and your good to go.

Base Metals

Base metals such as aluminium, copper or brass clean tend to dull and tarnish easily, fear not you can clean up this type of jewellery beautifully, with a little metal polish on a cloth. Rub on with one cloth and a little elbow grease and polish off with another clean cloth. The microfibre cloths on the market do a great for this job.

This polish can also be used on silver that is tarnished, just follow as above. Remember to wash jewellery after with soapy water and dry as in method as above to remove any chemicals from your jewellery prior to wearing.

Do not use this method on coated aluminium or other coated metals such as silver plated items as it may remove the surface.

Do not use on gemstones, glass or resin jewellery, follow step one for these items.

The advice given here is only for the jewellery I make and sell, as I know the materials I use and how they will react. I can't recommend you use these methods on your jewellery pieces purchased elsewhere, as I don't know the metal composition of your pieces, please see the manufacturers or makers advice.

An lastly there is the propriety silver cleaning cloths you can buy already impregnated with a solution to clean and polish your silver.

Always keep your jewellery away from chemicals, including makeup, perfume and household chemicals.

Do not swim in your jewellery, most pools contain harsh chemicals

Keep your silver and gold separate from base metal jewellery as it will encourage tarnish sooner.

After wear give your pieces a light buff with a soft cloth to remove dead skin cells, dirt etc and pop back in jewellery box or pouch provided with your jewellery. Its best to keep jewellery wrapped when not being worn as exposure to air, moisture and light will encourage tarnish.

Otherwise, enjoy wearing your jewellery daily and use method one above, this will keep it in tip top condition and looking great for many years to come.

If you have bought some jewellery from me in the past and find it has become heavily tarnished drop me a message and I will guide you on cleaning it or you may need to return to me for professional cleaning.

If you wish a piece of metal jewellery cleaned professionally, please drop me a message with clear, in focus pictures of your item for a quote.


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